Monday, 29 January 2018

I am a Black Cloud

Posting this here as I highly doubt that this would be ever publishable in a poetry magazine due to the worldview that writing can often betray/faithfully portray.


I am a black cloud in the rainbow storm
I am the cool rain in the deathly warm
I am the falling gently down your back
And not the cusp of gold you lack.

I am the floating true above you
Brought by how the wind blew
I am blowing the sky to shreds –
We are the wind the rainbow dreads.

I am the storm the violet fears
I am the water of sweet salty tears
That washes the earth from far away
And cleanses the sins of yesterday.

The rainbow needs me to shine
Or what would they take of mine?
The rainbow needs the Sun to glow –
But He brings the winds to blow.

I am a black cloud to weep for you
I am fleeting, I am through –
But I am of the storm everlasting –
We will water the earth from fasting.

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