Monday, 21 August 2017


Feet treading mute on thin will
I fell, and hit the net below –
To dance that dance, my ledger nill
For my pain – no gain to show.

They told me the ropes constrained me
They said it was Lucifer who fell
Called blind so as not see –
Fear as running blood within their shell.

Weighty their yoke upon my head
To tread that tightrope of time
Equal parts both joy and dead –
A marionette of the strings of mime.

Let your feet still limp on single strands
I will traverse the sky on a net of stars
My feet will tread through promised lands
My freedom bound in a rope burn’s scars.

Lucifer fell because he was proud
Too proud to tread the firmament below
And you – too cowed, you follow the crowd
Too proud – their threads your status quo.

I fell so that the noose slipped away
Tightropes – they turn us to prey
But heaven forbid I speak words true –
Lucifer is holding the strings that bind you.

SK Downes 


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