Thursday, 6 November 2014

October Favourites


A collection of the articles, blog posts, blogs themselves, giveaways, online items/wish-list fodder and other random things that I really enjoyed this October. (And maybe a couple in November too!)

Ten Things You Shouldn't Say to Singles  This one speaks for itself. And the fact that it's first on my list says enough already.

This girl's style   It's so beautiful and vintage, not to mention she has an awesome photographer!

Consulting Fangeeks  This etsy store is the best yet that I have seen, far too many fantastic items and tons of Sherlock deliciousness!

Are You Fighting the New Greed?  Interesting article about how as women we can become dependant on technology for affirmation and purpose.

Out of My League  Yes, guys, this can be a great compliment, but quite often it's just an excuse not to be a man and fight your heart out for what you love. And that in itself is a far greater compliment then any sentiment you could express.

This amazing giveaway!   Have you heard of the P&P95 Forever club? If not, make sure you head over and indulge in some Janite rantings about how Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy. Their giveaway has only one prize available for aussie readers - there are more for those from the US, but it's still worth entering, and maybe even joining the club. ;)

This song  It's not generally something that I would enjoy or find entertaining, but, hey, let's keep surprising ourselves.

15 Honest Questions the Person You Marry Should Be Able to Answer  I don't agree 100% with every detail of this article - just because you can answer these questions doesn't mean you will be able to keep your answers when life gets hard. But I do believe every couple should be able to say why they love one another. "I love you because I love you" is a weak hope for a stable future.

Enjoy reading!

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