Monday, 6 October 2014


Welcome to Little Black Jelly Bean!

Look out for the different, interesting, delightful and sometimes just plain strange posts and pieces that I will typing across these pages in the next few months and hopefully years, that my fingers have been itching to write and my mind to create. Don't expect sense all the time, or even consistent posting, just lots about what I enjoy in life and what I want to share with you.
That's why I have started the L.B.JB.

Some of you may have migrated over from my previous blog, Mi Isla (also previously known as Isla Creations) and are probably wondering why I felt the need to move on. It's simple really - I need a change. (Gosh, doesn't that sound so arrogant in print?) I started Isla with a friend's help several years ago, and while I greatly enjoyed meeting new people and conquering (though I technically still am) blog design, it will always be the little blog that I started out to sell homemade jewellery, despite several attempts at trying to adapt it to my maturing tastes in blogging. So now I've decided to move on, and leave Isla (for now, at least) as the lovely little landmark that it's become.

I've got plans for Little Black Jelly Bean - I am now starting to love writing for itself, for the fact that it's really just art with words and I want to be able to use it more outside of the shadow of jewellery marketing. ;) I'm also passionate about history and vintage, and as the owner of three feet of hair, I have had to create tons of tutorials especially for hair like mine that now I can share with you! Some more plans include movie and book reviews, outfit posts and fashion guidelines, art posts and monthly favourites. I would love to be able (when I have enough followers) to start monthly link ups and also have the occasional giveaway.

If you would like to join to receive regular updates, and also just to let me know that you are enjoying reading what I'm writing, then you can follow me through bloglovin' - the link is at the top of the right sidebar. Another alternative, if you don't have a bloglovin' profile,  is following through email - the box to subscribe is just below the bloglovin' one. As Google Friend Connect no longer exists (to the best of my limited knowledge!), they are the only two options at the moment. And if anyone knows if GFC is still available, PLEASE let me know, it was so useful! There is also a little button for this blog on the sidebar, so (shameless self-promotion!) if you feel like sticking it anywhere I would be very grateful.

So thanks for reading, I think that was all that needed to be said, so please sit back and enjoy the flight.


  1. Wonderful! I am looking forward to this :-) I am now borrowing your button for display!

  2. I look forward to the up coming posts on this new exciting blog!! Cant wait to hear updates and all the other exciting stuff that you will be posting!!! xxx


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